Photo: Hot Water Radiator

Hot Water Radiators Heat Houses Cost Effectively

Hot water radiators can be used to heat homes and businesses; a hot water radiator can be small and include non-obtrusive, low height, baseboard heating units or they can be the larger standalone hot water radiator made of a metal container that is sealed and that circulates hot water through it.

Older and larger hot water radiators are crafted out of cast iron materials, but today many homeowners and businesses now have the low height, baseboard type of radiators made up of copper piping and metal fins made of aluminum.  The fins help expand the heating area so that a larger area can be successfully heated.

Hot water radiators are far more cost efficient when compared to electrical heating methods.  A radiator can be comprised of one or two pipes within the heating system.  Cool water is continuously circulated through a metal loop in a hot water radiator system too; the water is heated in a furnace and pushed through the pipes so that the hot water can successfully warm the areas where the heating units are installed.  Since water can stay hot for a longer period of time than air can, water retains a longer home heating ability.  Hot water radiators typically host a valve as well, so that the hot water movement can be fully controlled by the home owner; the opening or closing of the valve ends up directing the heated waters to various areas in the home where heat is most desired.

There are some considerations you face if you are thinking of installing hot water radiators in a home or if you are buying a home with hot water radiators already installed.  While these units prove to be an economical way of heating a home, the radiators can heat up quickly and become very hot; the units are made of metal and metal heats up rapidly.  In a home where children are present there is a potential chance for burn injuries, particularly in homes where the old fashion cast iron radiators are installed.  In such instances, it is recommended that you place an obstacle between any open areas where children might play and the radiator units.

Hudson Reed

Hudson Reed is a company selling modern, designer hot water radiators. If you want to install ultra modern hot water radiator units in your home, you can get radiators made of quality materials; the units offered by Hudson Reed are made of stainless or brass and host high gloss black, modern anthracite, white, or chrome finishes.   Hudson Reed offers free shipping of all orders greater than $99.00 in the US, and they also ship to Canada.  For more information visit is a Vermont-based company that sells hot water radiators manufactured by Myson.  The hot water radiator units can generate 1548 to 4646 BTUs, depending upon the models and the sizes you choose.  The units have a European style design with a white enamel finish that goes well with existing décor.  For more information visit